Announcement from Bolton Hatcher Dance

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Erin Dance on December 2, 2016. Erin was a bright light in our community, and an integral part of our small, tight-knit firm. We will continue to sorely miss her daily presence – full of warmth, intelligence, grace and positivity. The outpouring of love and support she and her family received during her illness is a testament to these qualities.

We wish to express our deepest sympathy to those whose lives she touched.

Rest in peace, dear Erin.

Erin Dance

Criminal Law Firm

Dating back to 1982, Michael Bolton, Q.C. and Donald Muldoon, built one of the most well-known criminal law firms in British Columbia, Bolton & Muldoon, with a foundation of specific expertise in driving cases, drug cases, sexual assault cases and white collar crime.

Bolton Hatcher Dance continues with this long-standing tradition of excellence.

Our criminal defence lawyers are unique in BC not only for our extensive expertise in these areas, but also for our track record of success and strong reputation within the legal community.

Our criminal law firm is also known for its expertise in all areas of criminal law, even specialized areas such as extradition, international criminal law and white collar crime. The lawyers at Bolton Hatcher Dance routinely advise and represent both corporations and individuals embroiled in – or wanting to prevent – complicated investigations, trials and enforcement proceedings.

Vancouver Criminal Law

Bolton Hatcher Dance provides its clients with breadth of experience and niche expertise. Having handled every type of criminal law charge, our criminal defence lawyers also specialize in unique and complex criminal matters such as white collar crime, fraud and international criminal law.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Our sharp, highly-skilled team of criminal defence lawyers has handled every type of criminal charge, allowing us to assist you in a wide range of criminal law matters.

Our expertise includes:

  • DUI and Other Driving Offences – impaired driving, driving prohibitions, dangerous driving, cases involving serious injury or death
  • Assault Charges – uttering threats, domestic, spousal, sexual
  • Drug Charges – possession, dealing (trafficking), grow-ops, exporting/importing
  • Firearm Possession and weapons charges
  • Murder – first and second degree murder, manslaughter, infanticide
  • Fraud – securities, identity theft, insurance, internet, bankruptcy
  • White Collar Crimes – conspiracy, bribery, securities fraud, insider trading, tax evasion, money laundering
  • International Criminal Law – extradition, MLAT investigations, organized crime

In every case we are committed to providing the highest quality personalized defence and obtaining the best results possible for our clients.

We understand that a criminal charge can be overwhelming, intimidating and potentially embarrassing. Bolton Hatcher Dance’s criminal defence lawyers are on your side: We’ll guide you through every step of the process, clearly explain all your options, appear on your behalf in court and be your tireless advocate from beginning to end. Dedicated to defending each client’s rights, you can depend on our accomplished criminal defence lawyers to act with integrity, compassion and discretion. We also understand the importance of communication, promising our clients easy and prompt communication at all times.

With a long history before the courts, our criminal law firm has developed solid connections with Crown counsel—and will use them to your advantage. Allow a Bolton Hatcher Dance criminal defence lawyer to put this excellent reputation to work for you in defending your case.

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