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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Fees

Your initial consultation with Bolton Hatcher Dance is free. When you come into our office to meet with one of our Vancouver criminal lawyers, you can feel comfortable outlining the circumstances of your case and your needs without worrying about the cost. We’ll review your options and provide guidance on what you should do next.

There is no obligation to continue to work with us.

If you decide to hire one of our Vancouver criminal lawyers to defend your case, we’ll require an initial retainer fee before starting the work. The retainer amount will vary depending on the estimated complexity of the case, but is usually approximately one third of the total fee for the case.

In most types of cases, we charge our clients a flat fee. And we’ll tell you up front what it’ll cost to fight your case. A “flat fee” means the cost that we quote is the final amount you’ll pay—without any surprises or extra fees at the end of your case. If you are shopping around for the services of a Vancouver criminal lawyer, you’ll find that Bolton Hatcher Dance offers exceptional value for your money.

Our criminal lawyer fees can be planned and paid on a schedule that works for you, interest free. We accept payment by cash, cheque and credit card.

If you have any questions about our criminal lawyer fees or would like to meet with a Vancouver criminal lawyer from Bolton Hatcher Dance, please contact us.