DUI & Other Driving Offences

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or “impaired driving”, refusing to provide a breath sample, driving while prohibited and dangerous driving are the most commonly charged driving offences. All carry penalties involving license suspensions and hefty financial implications. Bolton Hatcher Dance’s DUI lawyers know this area of the law from the inside out: it was one of the key areas of law that our criminal law firm was founded on in 1982, and has been a major part of our practice ever since. Lawyers from across British Columbia and Canada frequently seek the expertise of our driving lawyers when it comes to defending DUI cases.

DUI / Impaired Driving

In addition to a criminal charge in the Courts, DUI offences include a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) and a vehicle impoundment for up to 30 days—even if it’s not your vehicle. If convicted by the Court, the consequences are even more crippling: an automatic one-year driving prohibition, a minimum $1,000 fine and a criminal record. Before you can get back on the road, you must pay for and complete the Responsible Driver Program, acquire and manage the Ignition Interlock device, and pay for a very costly increase in car insurance.

Impaired Driving Defence

The only way to fight DUI charges is with a deep knowledge of this area of law and the dozens of available defences. The DUI lawyers in our Vancouver office know all of these driving defences from decades of experience and insight into what works (and what doesn’t). Bolton Hatcher Dance’s long-standing professional reputation in the area of driving offences also means that the Crown prosecutors trust us. They know they can rely on our statements and approach, which is extremely helpful during pre-trial negotiations.

Besides dealing with the criminal charges, our DUI lawyers will act as your point person with ICBC. Dealing with this Provincial body can be incredibly frustrating. Bolton Hatcher Dance’s driving lawyers have the knack for working the ICBC system, saving you time and additional stress. Our DUI lawyers will fight for you at every stage of the process.

Driving Prohibition

Being caught driving while prohibited can be an incredibly expensive act, involving fines and fees, additional driving prohibitions (such as an automatic 12-month prohibition) and potential jail time. The worst of it, of course, is losing your ability to drive—especially if you depend on your driver’s license for work.

If you have received an Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP), an Administrative Driving Prohibition (ADP), a Notice of Driving Prohibition, or have been required to attend the Responsible Driver Program with or without a condition to install the Ignition Interlock device in your vehicle, our DUI lawyers can help you get your license back more quickly.

Driving Defence

After many years of experience handling driving prohibitions, Bolton Hatcher Dance’s driving lawyers know the ins and outs of the system—and how to navigate what can be a very complicated process. We regularly help clients avoid conviction. There are specific driving defence options available, and our DUI lawyers know how to negotiate with the Crown to potentially reduce the charge to a lesser offence, securing you a lesser punishment.